Planning a wedding on a budget is not easy, considering the average cost of a wedding in the Houston area is about $30-40K, depending on how many guests are invited and what zip code you're in.  A majority of that money is spent on the wedding reception, which includes venue rental, food catering, bar service, entertainment and equipment rental. If you want to keep costs within your budget, planning an affordable wedding reception is the way to do it!

How to the Lower Cost of a Wedding Reception

Planning an affordable wedding reception is easier if you can keep the number of guests invited to a minimum. According to, adding one guest to a wedding in Humble, TX can increase your cost by about $198-$242 .

Cutting the guest list, if you already have one, may not be an option, or at least not one the happy couple wants to consider. Even if you can keep the number of guests invited to a minimum, total costs could still exceed your budget.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can reduce the cost of a wedding reception without leaving anyone out of the special celebration, or making sacrifices and appearing cheap. Among them are the selection of reception venues and catering services, which can make a significant difference in costs involved. When making your selections, consider Italiano's.

Wedding Reception Venues in Houston Area that Won't Break Your Budget

Did you know that Italiano's, one of the Houston area’s most popular and affordable restaurants, offers banquet hall rentals perfect for a wedding reception? Among the venues is a 2,800 square-foot private banquet hall adjacent to the restaurant in Humble. It can accommodate up to 150 seated guests and a band or DJ. Italiano’s also offers a private reception room within the restaurant for up to 100 guests.  

The venue's location at FM 1960 and Highway 59 is convenient for guests arriving from out of town through George Bush Intercontinental Airport, as well as those residing in the Houston area. Free private parking is available.

Italiano's staff is prepared to help make your wedding reception a smooth, successful and affordable event. Inquire about availability of a banquet hall for your wedding reception.

Get Affordable Catering Services at Italiano's

Whether you select one of Italiano's banquet halls or another venue for your reception, if you plan to serve food, Italiano's is the caterer to call. The award-winning restaurant provides affordable wedding catering for up to 2,000 guests at venues throughout Humble, Kingwood, Spring and surrounding North Houston areas.

The fresh, homemade Italian foods served, considered the "best Italian food in Houston" are always flavorful and delicious, and Italiano's famous garlic knots, which you won't want to miss, are truly "heavenly." Guests will not be disappointed.

The type of catering services you receive depends on your preferences and budget. Catering service options range from full service with servers and everything you need for an elaborate wedding reception to basic food delivery for a buffet style meal in which guests serve themselves. For even more cost-savings, you could order the food and get someone to pick it up at the restaurant.

Not sure how much food to order? That’s not a problem. An Italiano’s representative can discuss the reception with you and help you determine how much food to order based on your estimated number of guests.

More Ideas for Planning Affordable Wedding Receptions

You've decided to keep your guest list to a minimum and selected an affordable reception venue and catering service. What else can you do to lower the cost of your wedding reception?

Below are a few commonly shared tips to help:

  1. Consider the day and time of your wedding. An afternoon wedding reception will typically cost less than one on a Saturday evening.
  2. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for limo service. Renting a town car is cheaper than a stretch limo. You could get someone to drive the couple, unless they prefer to drive themselves.
  3. Use flowers from the wedding ceremony to decorate the reception hall instead of buying more. You just need to assign someone to move them.
  4. Rather than providing an open bar, serve wine and beer, plus champagne for the wedded couple.
  5. Hire a local DJ instead of a band. You can reduce the cost of entertainment even more if you prepare a CD or playlist on someone’s device with the couple's favorite music and play it in place of a DJ.  

You can find many more tips for planning affordable wedding receptions on Pinterest. Happy planning!

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