Finding a company offering catering in Houston is easy. A quick search for Houston caterer returns nearly 200,000 webpages. That’s a lot of options! So how do you decide which one to hire? The following tips may help:

1. Look for Experience & Reliability When Hiring a Houston Caterer

When hiring a caterer, you want one with experience and proven reliability. You need to know you can count on the caterer you select to deliver services as agreed, on schedule. And you need to know the food will be tasty and safe to eat.  Unless you’re hiring a Houston caterer with an established location, such as a restaurant, be sure they’re legally permitted to prepare, sell and serve food.

2. Get Recommendations, Compile a List & Do Your Research

Ask friends for recommendations. Read reviews. If you have a favorite restaurant, see if they provide catering. After compiling a list of possibilities, search the Houston Better Business Bureau for complaints about each one. If you find unaddressed complaints, delete that caterer from your list.

3. Know Your Event Location, Date & Estimated Number of Guests

These details must be decided before hiring a caterer. If you’re undecided about the location, you can search for a banquet hall in Houston that provides catering services. If your event will be outdoors or at a specific indoor location, you will need a caterer that provides off-site catering in Houston.

Knowing the date and estimated number of guests will help shorten your list of possible caterers. Some Houston caterers require a minimum / maximum catering order. And many may already be booked for your event date.

4. Taste the Food in Advance

If you’re interested in catering from a Houston area restaurant, visit the establishment and taste the food, if you haven’t already. If the caterer is not in-house, ask to sample the food in advance of making a commitment. 

5. Request Estimates for Catering in Houston

While price should not be your only concern, it is something to consider. Cost of catering in Houston can vary from cheap and affordable to expensive and beyond your budget. Discuss menus and number of guests with the caterers and request an estimate. Ask if tax and gratuity is included, and if there are any additional costs.

Whether planning a dinner party for family and friends or a large corporate event, a good Houston caterer will help make your event a success. With a little time and effort, you can find the right caterer for the job.

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